Instagram is one of the significant e-commerce channels. Businesses reach their target audiences more easily thanks to Instagram. In addition, thanks to the Instagram business account developed by Instagram for businesses, it has become easier to sell on the platform.

So what is an Instagram business account? What are its features? How can a business increase its sales? We have prepared the answers to these questions for you.

What Is Instagram Business Account?

With Instagram business, brands can sell products directly and use their Instagram profiles as a store. Businesses can directly communicate with their customers on Instagram. In this way, they also catch the dynamic in customer communication. 

According to statistics, users check more than 200,000 business accounts every day. Business accounts, the number of which is increasing day by day, enable the spread of social commerce. Instagram business accounts have different features than personal accounts. For example, with real-time statistics, a business can do its analysis. It is also important to know this target audience. Thanks to these statistics, you can determine the demographics of your visitors and even their Instagram usage habits. Then you can increase your conversion rates with a strategy suitable for this data.

In another business profile feature, you can add various communication channels to your Instagram account. In this way, you can offer your customers an omnichannel experience.

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Why Instagram Business Account Is Important

A business account helps you be trusted and stand out on Instagram. In addition, it makes the work of businesses easier with features that are not with personal accounts.

Imagine you are a customer. Would you buy from a profile that is unprofessional and looks like a personal account? As a business, you need to be a trustworthy brand to retain your customers. A carefully crafted and professional Instagram account will be effective for building trust.

How To Open A Business Account?

It is simple. Now let’s see step by step.

  1. Go to settings by entering your Instagram. Then click a switch to a professional account. Choose the most suitable account type for your brand.
  2. After that, you need to set a category. Continue the process by choosing the most appropriate category for your business’s products or services.
  3. Finally, fill in the information about your business. All this information is significant for your brand.

By linking your Facebook page with your Instagram business account, you can manage the two in an integrated way. This will also synchronize the ads you have on Instagram and Facebook.

 Increase Your Sales With Instagram Business

As a company, after opening a company account on Instagram, there are steps you need to follow to be successful. However, if you do not determine your target audience well and must communicate correctly. Otherwise, it is hard to be successful.

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Identify Your Target Audience

To get efficiency from your professional account, you need to determine your target audience well. Because communicating with the target audience directly affects the increase in sales.

The post shares of two businesses with different audiences on Instagram will also be different. For this reason, you should determine your target audience well and prepare a plan suitable for them.

Improve The Quality Of Your Content

Quality content sharing is essential for interaction and brand awareness. For successful account management, your content should be unique and suitable for your target audience. The posts you share on Instagram, a visual sharing platform, should be attractive. Otherwise, you may lose the interest of your followers.

It is also important for your followers in the language you use. Using the wrong language causes interactions to drop. Make sure your social media language is friendly and professional. In this way, you can attract the attention of your followers.

In addition, do not hesitate to share unusual and creative posts. You can make things more fun.

 Tell Your Story

Tell your business that has a story worth listening to. This will reveal why your business is special. Try to convey the establishment and success stories of your business to your followers. People prefer social media to learn new stories. You can also establish a bond with your target audience by coming to the fore with your story.

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Increase Engagement

Direct interaction keeps you in sight. You can create a community for your brand by using mutual interaction elements such as information, question-answer, and comments in your posts.

By not only activating your target audience but making their comments from them visible, you will both ensure the credibility of your brand in digital platforms and encourage your customers to interact with you.

Follow The Trends

It is very important to follow trends closely in order to catch your target audience in the right place at the right time. Acting in line with social media and marketing trends will help you attract the attention of your customers who are interested in your product.

For example, reaching your target audience with Influencer marketing, which is a very popular marketing trend recently. It will positively affect your brand awareness, interaction rates, and sales. On the other hand, following the campaign periods and creating special campaigns and discount codes for your followers will also help you increase your sales.

Integrate Your Instagram Account

You should use your Instagram account in integration with your various communication channels. While this increases the customer experience, it also creates a good environment for omnichannel communication.

For example, by integrating your e-commerce site with your Instagram page, you can lead your visitors to sales directly. This makes things easier for your customers. For your business, it positively affects conversion rates.

You can also turn your profile into an online store with Instagram’s Instashop feature, which is used for e-commerce.

Improve Your Customer Communication

Your followers will want to contact you directly on the issues they are curious about and want support. Providing quick responses to requests and problems from your customers means providing personalized customer contact for all your customers.

Instagram is an effective method of customer communication with its instant messaging feature. It also takes place in customer communication in comments on your posts. It will be in your best interest to follow the incoming comments and immediately react to the problems and requests. Otherwise, your brand may be badly affected by this situation.

If you experience difficulties in communicating with your customers, your sales will be adversely affected. Therefore, it would be wise to work on improving customer communication.

Functionally Manage Customer Communication

Manage your Instagram business account and many more channels that you use for sales on a single platform. In this way, you can offer your customers an enhanced customer experience.

With Qpien, the new-generation customer communication platform, you can easily manage your customer experience as an omnichannel. In addition to Instagram, you can also manage your communication channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and LiveChat with Qpien. In addition to omnichannel communication, you can organize your customer communication processes with features that facilitate work. You can reduce the load on your support team.

Providing your customers with a safe, enjoyable, and seamless customer experience.

Try Qpein for free to meet the convenience of one screen and professionalize your customer communication.

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